Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Phenomenon; Hip-hop Essay -- Music, Sub-culture

People have many different problems in their lives and their reactions are also different. Some of them prefer to talk about these problems directly; some choose another way that is indirectly, such as music. Hip-hop is a reaction for people to show what happens in their lives. Although all music types have the same function, many people prefer this music type to tell what they feel without using exaggerated artistic lyrics since everything is pure and real in hip-hop. On the other hand hip-hop is not just a music type since the beginning; it is a culture in the United States. It is effective in every part of our lives, in schools, in streets or in our homes. That popular and effective music type began as a rebellious to destroy the feuds but since then it has changed a lot; now hip-hop is the cause of feuds which are consist enough violence to cover the youth all over the world (Kelley, 13). This article mentions the description and history of hip-hop and also effects of it to under stand the violence in hip-hop culture which is featured by lyrics. Today, it is quite clear to see that hip-hop has a strong effect on youth and this effect causes violence in society. There are many different descriptions about hip-hop but the most common view is hip-hop is not stable. People who listen to this music prefer it because it is the reflection of the life. Keung describes hip-hop as, â€Å"it is an expression of feelings through music, an outlet where people can channel their negative energy into something positive† which means hip-hop is a way to eliminate the negative results of human’s behaviors (Keung, 2). Although the idea behind the hip-hop was that before, it has changed in time. Now hip-hop does not destroy the negative results of b... ...o not care about any limit in their lyrics since they consider that they show the all sides of the life. Even though, this violence and dirtiness in hip-hop are accepted by music authorities it is not easy to fix this situation because hip-hop is in every part of life and people accept it with that unique and rude style. In my opinion to pretend the violence in hip-hop, first families should be responsible to control their children, when kids are educated enough to understand which type of music consists violence and this violence is harmful for their life, it is easier to change the music producers minds. Producers and artists earn huge amounts from this industry and all industries are shaped according to demands; music producers have to give what audiences wants. To change the hip-hop culture and destroy the violence, it should be started with educate the youth.

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