Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marketing Communication (IMC) - create Marketing communication plan Essay

Marketing Communication (IMC) - create Marketing communication plan for the charity of your choice - Essay Example The UNICEF has several programs being implemented in the United Kingdom. These programs touch the areas: childcare and breastfeeding, education, communities, and interaction with the government on changing particular laws and policies that are deemed detrimental to a child’s rights. This Marketing Communications Plan will zoom in UNICEF’s program called ‘Communities’, an effort that aims to interact with various organizations that involve children and the youth to develop a new award scheme called Child Friendly Communities. UNICEF has defined the characteristics of a child-friendly community, which includes general knowledge, understanding and upholding f children’s rights and an equal regard for children with ethnic background, origin and orientation. These communities must have active programs that engage the youth and give high regard to their opinion and contribution. II. DISCUSSION 1. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS (PESTEL) There are four basic rights of a child, namely: The right to survival – life, health, nationality, nutrition and name The right to development – education, leisure, care and recreation The right for protection – from exploitation, abuse, neglect The right to participation – to expression, information, thought and religion (Child Rights 2011) However, most, if not all rights are not being observed in many parts of the world. In UK alone, studies show that there are 3.8M children considered to be living in poverty (Poor children in England as young as five hide their needs from parents to protect them from the impact of poverty, new report reveals 2011). In 2005, approximately 1.4 billion people across the globe are living in extreme poverty, and every day, around 16,000 children die from causes that are hunger related (Global Hunger 2011) The alarming figure has caused non government organizations to unite and build The Campaign to End Child Poverty, a nonprofit organization working to end child poverty in the UK. Their aim is to drive the government to improve benefits and tax credits for children, and improve housing programs as well. Though the targeted campaigns have ended in 2010, each and every organization that formed the campaign is still actively pursuing their own advocacies towards upholding of human rights for children (End Child Poverty 2011). The United Kingdom upholds several laws on children welfare and protection, particularly on their rights to education, medicine, employment and the justice system. The UK government is also an active participant in global efforts to standardize human rights laws for children, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child, among others (Children’s Rights: United Kingdom, England and Wales 2011). There are also specific programs for healthcare, not only for children but also for mothers, education and labor. In short, UK is one of th e nations that actively push for the observance of children’s rights. In terms of Economy, UK is considered to be the sixth largest in the world as on 2010, according to nominal GDP. It employs free trade among other members of the European Union (EU) and is known to be one of the countries at the forefront of technological advances (UK Economy: The British

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